Denrele Edun don talk about why i’m de visit Goldie’s grave seven years after she die.

Every year since late singer, Goldie Harvey, died in 2013, her close friend, Denrele Edun, de always visit her grave on Valentine’s Day, which be the anniversary of her death. While some don i’m commend i’m commitment to i’m deceased friend, other people talk say i’m just de do am for publicity sake.

“It is my little way of letting people remember that there was once a Goldie, there still is a Goldie and there will forever be a Goldie. Anytime I do that, people remember her. Some stations play her music and it might just be for that day but somehow, she is remembered, appreciated and loved on Valentine’s Day. No matter my schedule, I make sure I visit her grave every Valentine’s Day. It is so weird because the guards at the grave usually expect me. That is the only way I can communicate with her.”

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